Ken received his B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Maryland Baltimore County and is licensed as a Professional Engineer in Maryland, Virginia, and Delaware.

Ken has worked as an environmental professional for over twenty years. Through the majority of his career, Ken has worked as a consultant serving industrial and commercial clients. Ken worked closely with the Environmental Protection Agency and several State regulatory agencies to serve his clients on many projects. In addition to working as a consultant, Ken worked in industry in an environmental capacity.

Ken worked to remediate contaminated soil and groundwater in many States. He worked on small-scale, petroleum sites and large former industrial CERCLA sites with varied contaminants. Ken has developed remedial approaches to address contaminated sites, designing many remediation systems and wastewater treatment plants. He successfully operated and optimized system performance of remediation systems.

Ken worked to support industrial and commercial client’s environmental compliance programs and served as the Director of Environmental Affairs for a chemical manufacturing facility in Delaware. As a consultant, he served as the interim Manager of Environment, Western District for an aggregate and cement manufacturing company in California. Ken worked on permitting, reporting and auditing projects for a varied client base in several states including Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, West Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and California. Ken has experience in numerous environmental programs including surface water and groundwater permitting and reporting, air permitting including Title V permits, EPCRA reporting, hazardous waste reporting, and TSCA programs.

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