BrightFields has extensive experience investigating and remediating environmental contaminants and writing remedial plans and specifications.  Our creative remedial solutions are respected both by our clients and by state and federal regulators.  We develop and implement a straightforward and cost-effective communication and monitoring program to safely integrate environmental remediation into the construction process, and use this approach during construction of buildings, roads, utilities, and parks on brownfield sites.  We work with clients throughout the East Coast Region, through Brownfield and Voluntary Cleanup Programs to clean up contaminated wastelands and assist in the redevelopment of these sites into viable commercial, public, and residential entities.  We guide our clients through the myriad of often conflicting environmental regulations, to assess environmental impacts, determine cleanup strategies that can be implemented concurrently with site redevelopment, implement the remediation and perform all required regulatory reporting.

The cleanup and redevelopment of abandoned or underutilized industrial sites, known as brownfields, has been hindered in the past by possible environmental contamination and potential liability under Superfund for parties that purchase or operate these sites.  Today, states work constructively with businesses and local communities to provide regulatory relief, grants and loans, and technical support to expedite the development of brownfields into usable productive properties.  Legislation provides federal and state funding for brownfield projects and protects innocent land owners, potential purchasers and redevelopers, small business owners and employees from unfair lawsuits, and focuses efforts on actually remediating and redeveloping contaminated sites.

Over the past 2 decades, the BrightFields team has supported land acquisition and construction projects in the Wilmington Riverfront for the State of Delaware, City of Wilmington, Wilmington Riverfront Development Corporation, and multiple private developers.  From these major brownfield redevelopment projects on the once barren wasteland of the Christina Riverfront, including the AAA Headquarters building, Justison Landing, Christina Landing, Christina Crescent, the Star Building, Penn Cinema, and Big Fish Restaurant to brownfield redevelopment projects that have established affordable housing on once abandoned commercial properties, BrightFields assists our private, public and nonprofit clients in obtaining funding, conducting environmental investigations and conducting site remediation concurrent with site redevelopment.  Our integrated environmental solutions keep each project moving forward toward successful, on-time completion.

The Riverfront Development Corporation unveiled the vision and timeline for the Riverfront East redevelopment in May of 2021. BrightFields has been working on this South Market Street Redevelopment since 2018 (and investigating portions since the early 2000s).  The 86.3 acre project is expected to include infrastructure and accessibility upgrades and almost 7 million square feet of development. Construction will include roads, stormwater management, parking, a Riverwalk, and a central green.

To each of our projects, BrightFields brings a collaborative, enthusiastic, can-do attitude. We believe the best solutions are generated in a collaborative team environment.  We build high-functioning teams and work within this forum to resolve environmental issues by listening respectfully, learning quickly, presenting complex information clearly, asking questions, delivering products on time, and by identifying and focusing on common goals.  We help our clients find funding for their Brownfield redevelopment projects, through loans, grants, and strategic partnerships, and by explaining environmental conditions, risk assessments, and program requirements to cautious lenders, insurance companies, prospective purchasers and tenants.