BrightFields is a recognized expert in integrating environmental requirements with classic demolition services.  We are often called on to assist other firms in decontaminating facilities or removing Universal wastes from projects prior to taking down hospitals, chemical plants, factories, schools, or even office buildings.  Our recent projects range from removing fluorescent lights and ballasts, mercury switches, transformers, and capacitors prior to a conventional demolition by others, to decontamination of a specialty chemical plant including identifying and removing product and waste from the lines, removing process vessels, demolition of the structures and removing dioxin-laden sludges from beneath the plant. In this latter case, BrightFields is pilot testing technologies to remediate the remaining soil and groundwater contamination.

We routinely work with Prime Contractors, Engineering firms, government agencies, owners, and developers to provide as much, or as little, as you need to keep the project moving quickly and safely.  BrightFields’ brings experienced operators, engineers, CHMMs, PMPs any other disciplines to bear in order to develop cost-effective and creative solutions to any environmental challenge you may have.

BrightFields worked on the Floyd Bennett Field FUDS Project as part of a environmental cleanup and redevelopment project for the US Corps of Engineers. BrightFields removed contaminated soil and above-ground storage tank pads, cleaned and removed fueling pipelines, performed asbestos abatement, decontamination and removal of structures and restored parts of the site with native plantings.

Pre-Demolition Services:

Universal Waste removal
Facility decontamination
Line cleaning and removal
UST and AST cleaning and removal
Asbestos and Lead paint services