BrightFields capabilities include in-situ remediation of PCBs in lakes and marsh areas using SediMite® technology applied with specially-designed propriety application equipment, shoreline and streambank stabilization, creation of new wetland ecosystems and rehabilitation of degraded wetlands, erosion and sediment control applications through the installation of native plants and green technology.  Stream restoration has been successfully completed including a mill race cleanout which supplied drinking water for the Town of Elkton, MD.

Successful wetland projects include Mirror Lake, Dover Air Force Base and the US Army Corps of Engineers.

DNREC’S A-Street Ditch PCB Cleanup. BrightFields planned, implemented, and managed the pilot study at the A-Street Ditch in Wilmington, DE.  BrightFields contracted RemBac Environmental for procurement of SediMiteTM and PCB-degrading microorganisms for in-situ treatment of the A-Street Ditch sediments.  DNREC video.

Mirror Lake Remediation, Dover, DE a historically contaminated lake with a fish advisory in place since 1988. DNREC Video – Restoring Mirror Lake. Received the Honor Award in the 2015 Excellence in Environmental Engineering and Science Competition from the American Academy of Environmental Engineers & Scientists. Used in-situ remediation placement of a layer of activated carbon onto lake bottom sediments to sequester the existing contaminants so they are no longer bio-available to fish and aquatic organisms. Restoration activities included creating an intertidal wetland, bank stabilization, installation of grade control structures, and riparian buffer planting. One Year Later – DNREC Video

Mirror Lake continue to rebound 2023 update.

Carousel Bark Park Drainage Improvement Project, Carousel Farm Park, New Castle County, DE – Received the Governor’s 2015 Agricultural and Urban Conservation Award in the Urban Projects category. Project Manager to improve the drainage and water quality, and eliminate embankment erosion at a dog park. Placement of 3 concrete ramps into the pond, stone path construction, installation of pipes and catch basins, soil stabilization, fence installation, and landscaping. Compost filter logs were used for containment, filtration, retention, and vegetation establishment.

Shoreline Stabilization – Read Street in Dewey Beach, Delaware The goal of this project is to reduce the flooding that takes place multiple times a year. BrightFields is installing a storm water management system with a much larger storage volume, as well as one-way valves that should no longer allow backflow from the bay. Finally, we are installing HESCO bags along the beach to act as a dune that will protect the residences from excessively high tides. News article.