compost smile MaggieThrough this program, funded in part by the Universal Recycling Grant from the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control and supported by the Recycling Public Advisory Council, BrightFields aims to reduce organic waste (food and shredded paper), use successfully composted organic material in our existing raised garden beds, provide instructional and educational support to employees and the community, and host a compost demonstration site for visitors.

Approximately $1,110 in grant funding was used to purchase composters, a yard cart, and small indoor collection bins. The composters (1 tumbler and 1 stationary) are installed outside of BrightFields’ Wilmington office. Indoor collection pails will be used to periodically transport food and paper waste to the composters. Through internal audits conducted by employees, we estimate a decrease in solid waste of over 2,000 pounds annually. A successful decrease in solid waste will support both the State of Delaware’s goal to increase waste diversion across the state and BrightFields’ goal to increase sustainable practices.

The composting program will be supported and maintained by BrightFields’ Sustainability Committee. Special thanks to Maggie Atterbury and Craig Olsen for preparing the grant application, and to John Stevens and Darnel Pratt for assembling the composters.
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